Watch Rob Gronkowski, Robert Kraft bust a move at Beyonce/Jay Z show

Rob Gronkowski and Robert Kraft were caught on video busting moves at the Beyonce/Jay Z concert in Boston

Rob Gronkowski fancies himself to be a pretty neat guy.

And we all know Robert Kraft is about as cool as they come, at least as far as NFL owners are concerned.

So was it any surprise at all when video surfaced of the New England Patriots tight end and the team's owner displaying their best dance moves at a Beyonce/Jay Z concert Wednesday night at Gillette Stadium?

Not at all. But it's lots of fun to watch the two of them bust a move to some pretty heavy beats.

It's too bad whoever filmed Gronkowski concentrated solely on the lower portion of his body. Would have loved to have seen his facial expressions during all that wild gyrating. But, rest assured, there's plenty of photo evidence on Twitter that the man in the blue-and-gray tank top is definitely the Patriots' pro bowler.

Kraft, 73, has some pretty smooth moves. He's definitely a better dancer than he is an actor.

As for Gronk, well, what can we say except, "Look out!"

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