Nationals' Matt Williams involved in car wreck during radio interview

Washington Nationals manager continues radio interview even after car accident

Matt Williams is a true professional.

The Washington Nationals manager was doing his weekly radio spot early Wednesday morning on "The Sports Junkies" show on 106.7 The Fan while driving to Nationals Park, where his team plays the Dodgers at 10 a.m. PDT (game has been delayed by weather).

Several minutes into the interview, just as Williams was discussing the struggles of shortstop Ian Desmond at the plate, the first-year skipper paused ever-so slightly, then said: "Sorry, guys. I just had an accident. Hold on. I've got a police officer behind me, this guy's gonna try to escape."

Turns out, Williams was involved in a hit-and-run accident that apparently turned into a high-speed chase.

But he wasn't going to let a little something like that interrupt his radio appearance. The interview continued for nearly five more minutes, although the incident on the road ended up being the main topic of conversation the rest of the way.

And that made for some great radio.

Seriously, would you rather hear your favorite team's manager discuss some mundane lineup changes or say stuff like, "hold on, this guy is crashing into people" and "I just got smoked" and "my rear end is gone now"?

Williams later told reporters that police had apprehended the driver who had caused all the havoc. He also said he was fine but his car wasn't so lucky.

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