Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (not Pomona) prepares for NCAA game in Dayton

This post has been corrected. See below for details.

Cal Poly basketball, entering the NCAA tournament with 13-19 record, has a tough enough time getting national respect.

But shouldn't people at least know where the Mustangs are from?

There has been some confusion over Cal Poly as the team prepares for Wednesday's "First Four" game in Dayton against Texas Southern.

Some people think the team is from Pomona.

"We've seen that one before we played the [Big West] championship game," Poly guard Kyle Odister said at the team's NCAA news conference in Dayton.

Apparently, the channel guide for DirecTV had different schools in the game.

"Said Cal Poly Pomona versus Cal Poly Northridge," Odister said. "We're like 'oh.'  I mean, it was Northridge, we were like 'wow.'  So we just want to make a statement so everybody knows now we're Cal Poly San Luis Obispo."

Odister's teammate, Chris Eversley, chimed in: "DirecTV is right there with you."

For the record, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo defeated Cal State Northridge last Saturday to win the Big West title at the Honda Center.

Cal Poly Pomona also plays basketball, just not on the same level. In fact, the Broncos won the men's NCAA Division II championship in 2010.

FOR THE RECORD: An earlier version of this post misidentified Texas Southern as Texas Western.


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