Letters: After all this, Kings are royalty in L.A.

Kings fans come out of the shadows after resilient playoff run

I finally realize why the Lakers played with so little heart last season and the Dodgers are playing the same way this season. Somehow the Kings got all of it.

Art Wastri

Los Angeles


As an avid sports fan in L.A. for over 50 years, I have to tell you that the Kings' win in Game 7 over Chicago was up there in my top two of fandom ever. The Kings never gave up, their resiliency and determination and guts were unreal. They could have played Game 7 on Mars, they were not going to lose.

Nate Gleiberman

Sherman Oaks


Why didn't NBC just rename their in-studio show "What the Blackhawks need to do to win?" What are they going to talk about now that they've been eliminated?

Craig L. Dunkin

Los Angeles


Was that actually a hockey article about Darryl Sutter written by Bill Plaschke? Oh, it's June, and the Kings are still playing. Now I understand.

Elliot Powers

Gui'an, China


Robert Gauthier's priceless picture of the Kings' winning goal Sunday is a vivid example of the difference between human elation and deflation. A thousand words can't describe it.

I'd give him a raise. Now.

Spike Bragg

Long Beach

Two choices

Dear Derek Fisher,

It appears you might have a tough decision coming up shortly. Here's some context: Your former coach, now the Knicks' president, wants you for a team and city to which you bear no allegiance. On the other hand, your former Lakers backcourt mate and good friend wants you home to coach him (as few can do); your former team and its organization want you home; the fans and the city where you are beloved as few are want you home.

It may be complex for you, but on the outside looking in, it's a no-brainer. Derek, in a time of quietly spoken desperation, you are wanted and needed in Lakerland. Please answer the call.

Cy Bolton

Rancho Cucamonga


The Lakers are about to make yet another mistake by hiring another mediocre coach from among the current people they are interviewing.

The only available and qualified coaching candidate to coach the Lakers, and possibly turn them around with an up-tempo offense and solid defense, is George Karl, the NBA coach of the year in 2013.

Alan Meersand

Manhattan Beach

On the court

Hopefully no one will say LeBron James wilted in Game 1 of the NBA Finals.

Robert Aragon



The pundits who get paid to offer opinions on NBA players are afraid to say it, so I will. Russell Westbrook has to go.

Maury Benemie


Blue funky

I'm not surprised Don Mattingly is losing patience with the Dodgers' performance. Those big swings in the lineup aren't getting the little things done. The Dodgers just need to get out on the road where those big swings can do some damage, and stop listening to all the hype about how good they are.

Donald Artis

Woodland Hills

The Dodgers' most dominant statistic is errors, yet, many of the players, the manager and coaches state that they are playing good ball and if continued, they will be right there in October. Does Stan Conte have any training in psychology, specifically denial?

J.J. Volpe

Rancho Cucamonga


So the Dodgers are falling behind in the NL West. Poetic justice, perhaps, in light of management's TV deal fiasco. OK, I admit I still occasionally peek at the standings in The Times, but the greed and callousness of Guggenheim Management, and their refusal to admit or remedy their mistake, is slowly but surely putting an end to my 65 years of bleeding Dodger Blue. Oh, well, thanks, guys. Now I can spend the time I would have spent watching baseball to engage in more lucrative pursuits.

Barbara Pronin



If The Times really wanted to make a stand for the millions of fans who no longer have access to Dodgers broadcasts, maybe you could stop covering them for a while. I can't bear to read about them, and when they are given their two minutes on ESPN, I change the channel. The Dodgers have become the Cuban cigar of baseball. You can only get them if you have connections!

Steve Tonkins

Panorama City


All the sophomoric hand wringing over the Dodgers' limited television exposure has gotten tiresome. As far as I know, everyone is free to do as I did: switch to Time Warner Cable. You'll get 162 games and Vinny and everything. Otherwise, please sit down and kindly shut up.

William M. Lane


Give him a A

I don't know why they don't just make Billy Beane GM of the year, every year. He does more with less than anyone in the history of baseball every year. I am an Angels fan, but I really admire Billy. Even before his movie.

Wally Turner

Mission Viejo

Call Kreskin

So the owner of the Miami Dolphins, some guy named Steve Ross, sees it coming and claims L.A. will get an NFL team within five years. Well, don't quote me but I've been saying the same thing ever since the Rams and Raiders abruptly left town in 1995.

Steve Ross

Beverly Hills

Sterling saga

First, I read that Donald Sterling wants to protect his "legacy." Then I read that Shelly Sterling is selling the Clippers for $2 billion to Steve Ballmer. Estimates are the Sterlings will net $1.5 billion from that sale.

Doing the math makes the "legacy" clear: Sterling wants us all to know that when it comes to being a master money-grubber, Frank McCourt's purely a minor leaguer.

Jeff Pollak

La Crescenta


If Donald Sterling really wants change his reputation he needs to do two things; First, with a full-page ad in the L.A. Times, write a letter of apology to Elgin Baylor. No excuses, just a straightforward apology. At the bottom of the page show a picture of the $20-million check made out to Elgin Baylor. Then give him the check, no public ceremony. For the many years Elgin worked there ,and for what he put up with, 1% of the sale price and a public letter of apology are a good first start.

Second, fire the lawyers, stop the lawsuits, and no more self-promoting ads.

Marty Meltzer



If Steve Ballmer is willing to pay $2 billion for the Clippers, maybe he would like to give me $350,000 for my 1994 Pontiac Sunbird. It has been recently detailed, just like the Clips.

Barry Dagestino



There's only one way Donald Sterling can avoid having the word "racist" written on his tombstone: Burial at sea.

Rhys Thomas

Valley Glen


I have a perfect solution to everything. Have Donald Sterling buy the Redskins.

Evan Puziss

Mar Vista


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