Thinking the impossible: Could the Dodgers actually be this good?

It’s cannot continue, right? We can all agree on that? Be reasonable and all.

No team wins at an .820 clip. Not for long, anyway. It just never happens.

Only right now it is. Right now the Dodgers have won 46 of their last 56 games (.821) and have absolutely seized control of the National League West.

It’s been going on for slightly over two months, the practical waiting for the law of averages or some semblance of reality to strike. Because the Dodgers absolutely cannot be this good. Can they?

“I don’t know, we’ll see I guess,” said Manager Don Mattingly.

“At some point you have to quit calling it a hot streak.”

Mattingly thinks because of the general excellence of their pictching rotation, the Dodgers firmly believe they can win every single game and that their self-confidence has risen to new heights.

So he is actually past the point of looking at this as just a hot streak?

“Yeah, I’m past it,” Mattingly said. “Because I think these guys believe that they’re good. I think they’re really confident and together.

“I think these guys believe we’re going to win every day. That’s pretty important when you have a team that believes it’s going to win every day, that puts you in an advantage to start the day.”

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