Throwback Thursday: Prohibition ended today

Prohibition ended 80 years ago Thursday. The top headlines on the Los Angeles Times' front page conveyed the news:

"Dry Era End Proclaimed on Utah’s Ratification: Roosevelt Calls on Nation to Ban Bootlegger and Saloon’s Return; Huge Liquor Imports Authorized"

"Rum Flows in Quietly: Repeal Hailed in Sane Style"

My favorite tidbit from the main story involves when and how President Franklin Roosevelt signed a proclamation about the repeal of Prohibition.

"Mr. Roosevelt had been swimming in the White House pool prior to the signing of the proclamation, and there were reports which White House attaches refused to discuss that the President had signed the document while in his swimming suit."

If you plan to hail the repeal of Prohibition today, please, do it in sane style.

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