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Super typhoon Haiyan blasts the Philippines

Super typhoon Haiyan blasted the Philippines on Friday as it clocked two full days as a Category 5-size storm. Winds were gusting at over 200 mph.

The death toll was reported at four -- and as many as 33 -- as of early Friday as the monster storm cut a path through the Philippines' central islands. Power and telephone lines were knocked out, and roads were blocked.

Estimates of wind strength topped 200 overnight. Around midnight, the Joint Typhoon Warning Center had clocked gusts at 224 mph.

PHOTOS: Super typhoon Haiyan

A million people were evacuated, with 12 million people in the path of the storm, according to the Weather Channel

As the storm has moved across the country, it has been downgraded, according to the news outlet.  Over the next few days, Haiyan is expected to move away from the Philippines toward Vietnam at, perhaps, Category 3 strength.

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