I'm having a baby -- now what? [Live video chat]

Having a baby is full of wonderful and daunting unknowns, from the changes to mothers' bodies to the ultimate shifts in just about every aspect of life the new parents have ever known.

May is Pregnancy Awareness Month, and although for many who are pregnant, it's hard not to be aware of all the changes at play, organizers hope to use the time to provide women and families with access to information and experts on pregnancy and postpartum nutrition, wellness and nurturing.

We have one of the founders of Pregnancy Awareness Month, Anna Getty, joining us in a live video discussion today at 1 p.m. PDT. Also joining us will be Catherine McCord, founder of the kid-recipe and nutrition site Weelicious, and Corky Harvey, registered nurse and lactation consultant with The Pump Station.


So bring your parenting questions for our panel to tackle.

Pregnancy Awareness Month organizers plan a free kickoff event in Santa Monica on Sunday from noon to 4 p.m. The event will feature a wide spectrum of specialists on topics including pre- and post-pregnancy nutrition and breastfeeding, the role of Daddy, and gear essentials.

The program includes keynote speaker Dr. Harvey Karp, the author and pediatrician whose "Happiest Baby" books and DVDs have become essential baby-whispering tools for many in the parenting community.

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