Frequently Asked Questions

How can I print out the puzzle? Select the Options button to make the Options menu pop up. Select the Print button. A printer-friendly version of the crossword puzzle will appear. Select the Print button to print. Select Close to return to the playable puzzle.

How can I play previous crossword puzzles? Select the Date button (below the timer) to pop out the calendar. Here you can access previous crossword puzzles by clicking on the desired date. Click the Date button again to make the calendar disappear.

How do I solve the puzzle? Select the Solve button. This will tally up your score and correct all errors on the puzzle. It will NOT solve the word.

Keyboard hotkeys/shortcuts: (Only works while selected on Puzzle)

  • Tab: Jumps to next number on direction selected
  • Spacebar: Switches between Across and Down on selected box
  • Arrow Keys: Navigates directly by moving from box to box
  • Page Up and Page Down: Scrolls through the Across and Down clues

If you're having technical problems, please try these troubleshooting tips:

  • Update your Flash Player at Adobe's website.
  • Delete your cache according to the instructions on this site.
  • Are you using any ad-blocking software? This can interfere with our game and cause loading errors. Please disable any ad-blocking software on
  • Follow these steps to disable unnecessary add-ons for your browser.
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