Richard Alarcon

Hey, I know that guy Richard Alarcon. Isn't he a state senator? No, wait, he's a city councilman, right? Or is it a state assemblyman? Actually, Alarcon, a career politician, has been all of the above. But he may not have been terribly scrupulous in his pursuit of one of these offices. Alarcon faces 23 felony counts of perjury and voter fraud after a judge on Tuesday found compelling evidence that he was actually living in Sun Valley, which is outside the boundaries of the 7th City Council District, when he successfully ran for the 7th District seat in 2007. Now that he's been termed out of the City Council, he's seeking to return to the Assembly -- where he served for only three months in 2007 before deciding that the City Council was a more attractive gig. At least this time he's not a shoo-in, which he almost certainly would be if he were running against a Republican in November. Because of California's open-primary law, he's in a close race against Democrat Raul Bocanegra. Can Alarcon's name recognition overcome his court troubles? Stay tuned.
Los Angeles Times
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