Burt Reynolds

By Chris Lee, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer Attention, winter movie stars: Yosemite Sam called and he wants his facial hair back. This season at the multiplex, a who's who of recognizable marquee draws can be seen on-screen conspicuously sporting that yesteryear trapping of male vanity, the mustache. Ask Burt Reynolds, Magnum, P.I., or the biker in the Village People: Nothing says mucho macho quite like a 'stache. But these days, movie stars are making pointed use of their male plumage in cerebral potboilers, historical epics, political dramas and quirky character studies alike. So is the furry-upper-lip look making a comeback? If the examples here are any indication, the mustache is again having a moment. Hirsute for Hollywood!
Mark Boster / Los Angeles Times
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