David Archuletta, Britney Spears, Barack Obama

By Denise Martin Hot chicks, video games and the next president of the United States -- they all took over our collective consciousness in 2008, at least according to the top Internet searches on Yahoo. Our fascination with Britney Spears, now 27 years old, is undying. We even have a new pop tart in Miley Cyrus scaling up the most-searched-for ranks. Then there's "Yes, We Can" man and President-elect Barack Obama and, of course, the nation's favorite TV show, "American Idol." But what does this all say about us as a people? Is it our economic woes that propel nonstop searches for Jessica Alba and Angelina Jolie? Is it saying something about our psyche when wrestling is the second-most-important topic on our minds (after Spears, natch, and ahead of Obama)? Here's one analysis that attempts to explain it all:
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