Other big TV names have kind words for Steve Allen

" Steve Allen's death saddens me greatly. All of us who have hosted the 'Tonight Show' format owe a debt of gratitude to Steve Allen. He was a most creative innovator and brilliant entertainer."

Johnny Carson, like Allen a former host of 'The Tonight Show"


"He was one of the sharpest guys off the cuff. He never played dumb. He played many characters, straight man and comic, and he did each role perfectly. But the role he played best was Steve Allen."

Jay Leno, current host of " 'The Tonight Show'


"Steve Allen was an enormous influence on television. His early work is really the foundation for what late night shows have become."

David Letterman, host of "Late Night With David Letterman"


"If it wasn't for him, there wouldn't be any talk shows."

Milton Berle, comedian


"His career has proved that he was one of the great renaissance figures of today, whether it's music, writing or talking. He was helpful for anybody in any kind of cause. I can't believe we are losing him."

Art Linkletter, TV host


"He had a magnificent mind. His mind just wouldn't stop. It was overflowing with a variety of subjects. He had an extraordinary technique of making you feel warm and communicated with you. He was a kind, gentle and warm man. I can't put into words the way I felt about this man. I loved him."

Dick Clark, TV host

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