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July 2014: Best of Southern California Moments

July's favorite #socalmoments reader photos shows locals on the move.

Of all the months, July has always seemed to have a ready-to-go, on-the-move feel about it.

Maybe it's the fireworks or the heat, but it's almost as if, collectively, the city feels more adventuresome than usual.

July's photos really capture the action and appeal of Los Angeles in a state of play. My favorites kick off with a Fourth of July fireworks display in downtown Los Angeles. Tony Butler captures  firework trails in great detail, using a slower shutter speed. The detail of the vibrant pink, purple and greens really stands out against the architecture of the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in the foreground.

After that we really get moving: How much did we move about? So much so that the SoCal Moments group posted three jumping photos, each engaging and charming in their own ways — and all making my favorites for the month.

Feel as if there's a photo I left out, or one that doesn't belong in the set? Sound off in the comments. See you next month!

Each week, we're featuring photos of Southern California submitted by readers. Share your photos on our Flickr page or tag your photos with #socalmoments on Instagram and Twitter. Follow us on Twitter or visit for more on this photo series

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