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Military figures

Military figures (our listing of deaths from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan may be found at

Army Lt. Gen. Robert Haldane, 83; led battalion that found the infamous Cu Chi tunnels during the Vietnam War (March 5)

Dick Rossi, 92; Flying Tiger pilot downed six Japanese planes during World War II (April 17)

Philipp Freiherr von Boeselager, 90; thought to be last survivor of key plotters who planned to kill Hitler (May 1)

Jack Lucas, 80; joined the military at age 14 during World War II, and was youngest Marine to receive the Medal of Honor (June 5)

Retired Vice Adm. Jerome H. King Jr., 88; commander of naval forces in Vietnam carried out plan to end U.S. involvement in Vietnam War (June 13)

Retired Lt. Col. Charles "Chuck" Dryden, 87; one of the first black World War II pilots known as Tuskegee Airmen (June 24)

Robert M. DeHaven, 86; World War II fighter ace downed 14 enemy planes in the Pacific (July 10)

Michael J. Daly, 83; Medal of Honor recipient for heroism as a 20-year-old lieutenant during World War II (July 25)

Col. Donald Blakeslee, 90; decorated flying ace during World War II (Sept. 3)

Nathan Green Gordon, 92; Medal of Honor recipient during World War II and former Arkansas lieutenant governor (Sept. 8)

Ada Dodson, 94; Marine during World War II was active in Women Marines Assn. (Sept. 25)

Bernard W. Rogers, 87; Army general pushed reforms and served as NATO's top military commander (Oct. 27)

Robert H. Barrow, 86; retired four-star general and former Marine Corps commandant (Oct. 30)

Retired Marine Col. John W. Ripley, 69; legendary Vietnam War hero was awarded the Navy Cross for blowing up strategic bridge (Nov. 1)

Rear Adm. George Morrison, 89; retired naval officer commanded fleet during Gulf of Tonkin incident, and father of Doors singer Jim Morrison (Nov. 17)

Betty Jane Williams, 89; member of Women Airforce Service Pilots during World War II, and test pilot in Texas (Dec. 8)

Eric Wilson, 96; the oldest living holder of the Victoria Cross, Britain's highest combat honor (Dec. 23)

Lt. Gen. Victor H. "Brute" Krulak, 95; a retired Marine lieutenant general celebrated for his leadership in three wars and for his authoritative book on the Marines (Dec. 29)

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