Injured bear cub abandoned by mother recovering after rescue

A malnourished bear cub abandoned by its mother after it suffered a broken leg has been rescued from a tree in Truckee, officials said Saturday.

The cub, named Charlie, was injured when it was hit by a car two weeks ago, officials said. "Its mother had left it because it couldn't keep up with her ... he wasn't able to walk fast enough," said Ann Bryant, executive director of the BEAR League, an advocacy group.

"Mother probably had another cub and had to do the best she could," Bryant said.

The cub, believed to be about 6 months old, was found Thursday up in a tree.

Dave Baker, a member of the bear club, "climbed the tree and was able to rescue the cub and lower it to the ground where it was placed in a crate," according to a news release from the Truckee Police Department.

Bryant said Charlie underwent surgery Friday and his leg is now in a cast as he recovers.

"He's on pain medication, he's on antibiotics and he's eating everything we're bringing to him ... He's a feisty little guy," Bryant said. "He will have to stay with us until next winter."

The BEAR League is providing updates on Charlie's progress on its Facebook page.


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