Letters: Celebrating Obamacare

Re "The umpteenth fix," Editorial, Dec. 24

The Times writes, "We only wish Congress was more engaged in making the law work rather than battling endlessly to make it go away."

Lawmakers and their concerted efforts to drag down the Obama administration have tainted the merits of the monumental achievement of healthcare reform from its birth. It would have been extraordinary if the transition had gone smoothly.

There are delays, fixes and tweaks, but instead of spinning the negativity, the end result is what we must be focusing on: a country that finally can say most of its citizens are protected by medical coverage.

In the real world, we must be prepared for at least a decade to pass before we get it right. The intertwined problems joining together federal and state agencies and insurance companies is huge. Instead of bemoaning the periodic "fixes," we should be celebrating the end result.

Diane Welch



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