Letters: Mental health and the D.C. shooting

Re "Navy Yard shooter heard 'voices,'" Sept. 18

I hate headlines like this one because they reinforce the stereotype of people with mental illnesses as dangerous to others. In fact, a mentally ill person can be treated and have a normal life. Mass shootings perpetrated by people with mental health issues happen when someone isn't properly treated.

It is easy to blame people with mental illness and offer no help to them. They are looked down on by society and feared. After each shooting we talk about mental illness but offer no help to those who need treatment.

Mental illness is a lifelong struggle that must be addressed in the same way we treat other conditions. We need to offer help to the people suffering and stop shaming them.

Linda Shabsin

Diamond Bar

As expected, people are calling for more gun control. They should know that Navy Yard gunman Aaron Alexis bought his gun legally and passed a background check.

Of all the gun control laws Congress or President Obama have proposed, none would have prevented this particular man from obtaining this particular gun.

The big question really is: How could this guy get a shotgun, which is very large, through the security of a military building? This is a total breakdown in security, not a breakdown in gun laws.

Robert Braley


Another mass shooting, more outcry on existing gun laws — and again, there will be no change in our country's obsession with firearms.

With the National Rifle Assn. deep into the pockets of lawmakers, choices again will be made to keep the money flowing to elected officials, while more blood is spilled in the streets.

Steve Owen

San Diego


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