Letters: Upheaval in Egypt

Re "Egypt military crackdown on Islamists kills hundreds," Aug. 15

Deposed Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood's tragic inability to rule with an inclusive hand — but instead with an arbitrary, arrogantly draconian and Islamist hand that placed them above the law and the Islamist-written constitution above judicial review — and their enabling and tacitly approving the persecution and murder of Muslim Shiites and Christians have led to even more tragic upheaval.

But the carnage alone is not a reason for the U.S. to walk away.

Thousands of people died on each side of the American Revolution, only no one saw it on TV. If George Washington had hijacked his election into a royalist state that marginalized half the population, you can bet the people would have picked up their guns and remobilized for insurrection.

Mitch Paradise

Los Angeles


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