L.A.'s potty-mouth mayor

My young children and I watched the televised rally Monday celebrating the L.A. Kings' Stanley Cup victory, while my husband and older children attended at Staples Center. ("Garcetti drops an F-bomb at Kings celebration -- and there's fallout," June 16)

What a surprise when Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti stood to congratulate the Kings and fans and quipped that a politician shouldn't be heard swearing, but then proceeded to use the worst of all obscenities. How appalling that a leader in a position to positively influence a community would feel it appropriate to resort to such degrading language on a national stage.

Language should be uplifting and clean. To resort to obscenities signals a weak mind incapable of expressing intelligent thoughts and emotions in appropriate ways.

Mayor Garcetti, please refrain from making any statements publicly if you cannot control your potty mouth. My children are listening.

Julie Bourgeous


Garcetti's critics need to relax. Their children probably regularly say the "F-word," but they just don't hear them. That does not mean they are bad. They are just assertive.

President Obama even once quipped that Mother's Day is difficult for his former chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, who's not used to saying "day" after "mother."

I predict that Garcetti's "BFD" remarks will get him more votes next time than the stiff who will run against him.

Bing De La Vega

Lake Forest

When an elected official risks his reputation to appeal to a younger crowd in what was obviously a staged performance, I question his ability to make grown-up decisions that the mayor is expected to make.

For a politician to try to look cool by speaking like a youngster only weakens the structure of our society. And it makes him look ridiculous to boot.

Elisabeth Bernhart-Chatfelter

Lake Hughes

Thank goodness Garcetti so publicly shared that cursing on special occasions is permissible. It's a terrific opportunity to explain situational etiquette to my three daughters.

Konrad Moore


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