Letters: Loud music verdict decried

Re "Split verdict in Florida music slaying," Feb. 16

For this travesty to occur during Black History Month is heart-wrenching.

Another young male lost his life just for being a teenager and black. This episode exposes some people's deep-rooted racism that they use to justify exercising their "rights." This is a disgraceful abuse of our Constitution.

In this case, because of loud music, a shooting occurred. The shooter never made a 911 call. How could such a killing occur and, on the charge of first-degree murder, a mistrial be the result? It is only because of these perceived "rights," which can be so misinterpreted.

As a society, we all must see things as they really are and make some positive changes. Every human being deserves respect.

Lorraine B. Kirk

Rancho Palos Verdes


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