Asymmetrical bob

Wells says this 'do featured hair "shaved close to the head on one side, and the other side was a traditional bob. It was a totally acceptable buttoned-up hair style on one side and then destroying it and being really punk on the other." Look to Victoria Beckham or Mary J. Blige for today's version, but Wells says you have to be daring for this cut because "the hard thing ... is that they become cartoonish in a matter of seconds." RELATED: '80s fashion: We've been here before Totally '80s: Don't you forget about these pop culture hits Jacket required: Inspired by the '80s, these pieces will transform fall Hair we go again: 1980s styles are the new wave again '80s fashion icons who could like totally wear that today Fashion redux: The '80s are seen on the fall 2009 runway shows Neon colors pop at Fall 2009 New York Fashion Week What is your damage? Submit old photos of your '80s hair and clothes
Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times
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