John Varvatos' iPod picks

What does a hard-core audiophile designer with a Rolodex full of rock 'n' rollers have on his iPod? We asked John Varvatos, who says he has about 35,000 albums prepped to 'Pod, what's currently in heavy rotation:

"I'm listening to some old British blues right now -- like the Yardbirds and Fleetwood Mac from back in the '60s before there were any women in the band and Peter Green was still there."

Built to Spill is an American band I've been listening to a lot, I've got the new Oasis album ["Dig Out Your Soul"] on here, I'm actually going to see them tonight, there's a Swedish group called the Hellacopters."

"There's also some Alejandro Escovedo, MC5, The Stooges, My Morning Jacket, Kings of Leon, MGMT and the Black Angels."

-- Adam Tschorn

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