HIV/AIDS benefit

Michael Jackson's memory permeated this year's Macy's and American Express Passport to benefit AIDS Project Los Angeles, Project Angel Food and other local HIV/AIDS charities. In addressing the crowd, Liz Taylor's first words were, "As my beloved friend Michael said, 'We are the world,' and it is up to us. It is our responsibility to take care of those who are sick and dying in this country, and particularly in Africa." Nearly 2,000 guests converged on Santa Monica Airport for the fashion show and pre-show reception, where donors mingled with celebrities, La Toya Jackson among them. "I'm very interested in continuing the work my brother did," she said. "There are millions and millions of good causes, and Michael gave to a lot of them, but this was something he cared a lot about." Jim Arnone, APLA's board chairman, discussed the importance of prevention, making last week's news about a possible vaccine the talk of party-goers. "In this area, there is so little good news that has come out of science," said Terry Lundgren, chairman of Macy's. "We love to hear good news." -- Ellen Olivier La Toya Jackson makes an appearance at the party/fashion show.
Lawrence K. Ho / Los Angeles Times
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