Chrysler 200C

Chrysler 200C Behold the Chrysler 200C, a mid- to- full-size concept that, given its timing and nomenclature, is a cinch to be the replacement for the aging Gansta 300C. Chrysler trotted this baby out as part of its larger push to promote plug-in and and electric mobility solutions. With ENVI labs' modular and scalable EV architecture, the 200C can/should/may travel up to 40 miles on all-electric lithium-ion battery charge before a small, sub-1-liter turbocharged gas engine kicks in to charge the battery, for a total range of over 400 miles. The 200C is a clear, formal, aspirationally modern design with clarity of lines and direction; the proportions are harmonious; it looks great from every angle -- and looks wildly like a Mercedes S-class from a couple of angles. It simply is the best-looking real-world car at the show. And so for all the chin music about electricity -- which I complete endorse, by the way -- the transcendent truth of automobiles is that people buy beautiful cars. I predict the 200C will be available in two years with a variety of gas-burning engines in it -- and yes, probably a Hemi. Don't hate me for keeping it real. And all that's assuming Chrysler survives. -- Dan Neil Related article: Detroit Auto Show: Chrysler's Audacity of Hope
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