Ford Mondeo

J. Mark Sternberg for the Los Angeles Times We don't need to tell you the car world is in dire straits right now. Sales are down, two of the Big Three have filed for bankruptcy and, to make matters worse, there are great cars for sale elsewhere in the world that you cannot buy here. Here is a list of five. Ford Mondeo The Ford Mondeo has been on sale for years in foreign markets, and this new U.K.-designed version has been billed as a great car for people who don't need "posh" badges. When it came out, the world's automotive press heralded the current Mondeo as a great-looking car that is very nice to drive. Not sold yet? What if we told you James Bond drove one in "Casino Royale?" Prospects for American buyers: Ford hasn't made any official comments about this car moving stateside, except that the Ford Fusion is essentially the same size car as the Mondeo (and they won't be competing with each other). The current Fusion is based on a Mazda chassis, but there is speculation that the next Fusion will be based on the current Euro Mondeo.
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