Michael Madsen in Hell Ride

Movie: "Hell Ride" Motorcycles: S&S Cycle copies of Harley Panhead and Harley Shovelhead; restored 1947 and 1939 Indian Chiefs; new Xile custom V-Twin What we know: With Quentin Tarantino as the executive producer, be ready for a rough ride. Even Harley Davidison didn't want their brand associated with the material (thus the S&S look-alike bikes). The mad-as-hell and hard-as-nails biker group, the Victors, played by Michael Madsen, (pictured here on an S&S Cycles copy of a Harley Shovelhead) Eric Balfour and writer/director Larry Bishop, seek retribution in the form of pain and suffering for rival gang leaders Deuce and Billy Wings for the death of one of their friends. Since the film draws from the gritty biker flicks of the '60s and '70s, the production turned to designer Justin Kell, who owns the clothing and vintage motorcycle shop Glory in Silver Lake, to authenticate the fleet. At a theater near you: August 8 (limited) Trailer: Not available More entertainment news can be found here. More autos and motorcycle news can be found here.
Will McGarry/ The Weinstein Company
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