Kenny Scharf

Scharf's solution for an IKEA bookcase: a hand-painted wood-grain pattern. "There is something about the banality of a store-bought item that I react to," he says. "I have to make it mine. I don't accept just something because it's what is given." A sliding door leads to a porch and the backyard beyond. The hilltop garden overlooks Culver City, where Scharf has a painting studio in an industrial space. "I love being above the city," he says. "There is always a breeze, which makes it feel like being on the beach." The Asian lanterns on the tree in the distance were strung by Scharf's neighbor, "Who Killed the Electric Car?" director Chris Paine, who lives next door at what he calls the Marrakesh house. "We have an open-door policy," Scharf says. "He has parties that spill over into my yard and so he's helped decorate the garden."
Ken Hively / Los Angeles Times
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