The Paul Bern-Jean Harlow House

The Paul Bern-Jean Harlow House The 1930s sex symbol, right, and the short, much older MGM producer had a short story marriage in 1932 that ended when he committed suicide in the house on Easton Drive in Benedict Canyon. The Bavarian-style mansion quickly developed a reputation of being cursed. Back in 1963, Jay Sebring bought the place and lived there with his then-girlfriend Sharon Tate, left, until they broke up in 1966. One night, she was spending the night there alone and saw a “creepy” little man in the bedroom who supposedly was the ghost of Bern. According to, she left the room only to see a even scarier sight on the staircase — that of a spirit tied to the posts of the staircase with its throat cut. In 1969, Tate was married to Roman Polanski and pregnant with her first child. Sebring was at Tate and Polanski’s house the tragic night that the Manson family slaughtered everyone — Tate suffered the same fate as the apparition she saw on the staircase three years earlier.
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