Chris Colfer

Where you may have seen him: His high school's spoof of "Sweeney Todd" (which he wrote, directed and starred in) Character: Kurt Chris on Kurt: “He’s very fashionable. He’s very low patience. He’s very vogue. He’s a lot of things. He’s a mess sometimes. I think they’ve been describing him as the dramatic and fashionable soprano. I think I’m just the soprano part. He’s the dramatic, fashionable and fabulous part. And I’m not so much any of those things.” On his audition for "Glee": “I didn’t go through a teenage rebellion period because I saw 'Nip/Tuck.' [Created by Ryan Murphy, who is the creator of “Glee.”] That was my teenage rebellion. My mom would say, ‘You’re not allowed to watch that,' blah blah blah. It was very nerve-racking auditioning in front of Ryan Murphy because I’m such a huge fan. It was hard. He’s very nice. He’s a little intimidating at first, but he’s great. I’ve learned lots of things from Ryan. I’ve learned how to deal with crazy people. Not that Ryan is crazy. But he likes crazy people."
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