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Jane Lynch

Where you may have seen her: Starz' "Party Down," CBS' "Two and a Half Men" and movies including "A Mighty Wind" Character: Sue Jane on Sue: “I can’t hold my authority the way Sue can. She rules with fear and threats, and for some reason, these kids really respect her and they do whatever she says. She really revels in having that kind of power. What I love about Sue is she doesn’t get her hands dirty. She doesn’t do a bend or a jump herself, but she certainly makes sure that she puts these kids through their paces. You’ll hear me on the sideline yelling and demeaning them into a good formation, but you won’t see her actually take part in it. Not at all.” On why "Glee" rocks: “I think it’s gonna be huge. It’s pretty amazing — they do three or four musical numbers every week. They’re full-on, produced like musical videos. It sounds like everybody’s getting a number at some point. I might get a number. You know, I play the head of the cheerleaders and I’m the nemesis. I’m trying to destroy the glee club all the time. I’m coming up with machinations and strategies. But I think at some point, I’m gonna get to do a song.”
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