Jessalyn Gilsig

Where you may have seen her: FX's "Nip/Tuck" and NBC's "Heroes" and "Friday Night Lights" Character: Terri Shuester Jessalyn on Terri: "I see Terri Shuester as pro-marriage. There is nothing she won’t (and doesn’t) do to save her marriage. Nothing. Some may be shocked by her choices, but I would ask those people, 'Have you ever walked in the neighborhood of a person you had a crush on even though it’s on the other side of town for you, just in hopes of running into them? Have you ever pretended to have seen a movie they loved? Or laughed at a joke they told that you weren’t sure was funny?' If so, don’t judge Terri. As her sister Kendra explains, deceit may be the basis of a healthy marriage. On why she wanted to be on "Glee": "To sing. Which I have NOT been asked to do. The script was one of the most original pilots I've ever read, and Terri was an opportunity to play a role that is really different for me, but honestly, if Ryan Murphy was producing a reality show about Canadians who were willing to live without their big toes, I would probably have done that too. 'Nip/Tuck' was one of the best creative experiences of my career, so to work with Ryan Murphy again, along with much of the crew from 'Nip/Tuck' is something I have wished for when blowing out my birthday candles, or throwing a penny in a fountain. On the most challenging part of the job: "The most challenging part of the role so far has been to restrain myself from singing or dancing when I’m hanging around set in hopes that someone will give me a song to sing. I am surrounded every day by Tony-nominated Broadway stars, so it's important that I sit on my hands and speak when spoken to. That way I hope to do the least amount of damage possible."
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