Beer of the Month: New Belgium Rolle Bolle Ale

Summer is the time for lawn beer — beer for, say, sitting around on the lawn after you've mowed it. You need to hydrate, but you also need to relax, so whatever you drink shouldn't burden the palate.

New Belgium makes just such a quaffing beer, Rolle Bolle Ale, and it has possibly the most exotic fruit flavoring of any brew yet: the Caribbean fruit soursop and something called monk fruit (which is basically known as a sweetener, not a flavoring, but we have to take New Belgium's word).

It pours very pale yellow, with a medium head. The nose is malty with a little earthy Belgian yeastiness. On the palate it has a mild malty sweetness with a soft-pedaled but insistent bitterness, roughly in the Pilsener range. The fruit flavors — something exotic like litchi and a bit of citrus (thank Cascade, Centennial and Amarillo hops for that) — harmonize so well with the ale palate that you mostly notice them in the long finish.

This is lawn beer, but it would go well with a lot of foods, particularly ones with a fruit note, such as Thai food or barbecue with fruit-based sauces.

Style: Mild Belgian ale with a summery, tropical aura

Price: $7.50 per six-pack

Where to find it: Beverages and More stores, Total Wine stores, and check the brewery website.

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