Live unboxing: Chromecast, Google's big TV move [Video]

Chromecast, Google's $35 digital video receiver, appears to be sold out online.

The 2-inch device plugs into users' television sets to stream content from the cloud. It connects to users' smartphones, tablets and laptop computers to show content from Google Play, YouTube, Netflix and a few other outlets.

Google unveiled the device this week, and Internet users quickly started snatching them up, in part because it costs about a third of the price of the Apple TV, its rival.

LIVE UNBOXING: Join us at 3 p.m. as we unbox the Chromecast

The device was available for sale from, and Google Play, but now it's not possible to order it from any of the stores.

Amazon says the Chromecast is "temporarily out of stock," Google Play says the device is "coming soon," and Best Buy says it is "sold out online."

People interested in picking up the device may be able to find it at Best Buy stores. The electronics retailer said it would be available at all stores Sunday.

The Times just got one from Google that we'll check out over the weekend. Expect a full review Monday.


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