A big mini? Could this be what the next iPad will look like? [Video]

Apple is expected to announce new versions of its tablets later this month -- some believe on Oct. 15 -- and many expect the tech giant will redesign the large-size iPad.

A variety of leaked images and videos have hit the Web showing what the fifth generation iPad may look like, and many of them point to an iPad mini-like design. That would mean that the new iPad will be thinner, lighter and narrower. The back aluminum cover may also be a different shade of gray.

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One of the most recent sightings of what could be the fifth generation iPad comes from SW-Box, a Chinese website that sells tech parts.

SW-Box claims it has the back cover Apple will be using on its next iPad. It has posted pictures of the part as well as a video comparing it to the back shells of the iPad mini and last year's iPad model.

The video can be seen atop this post, and if it is the part Apple ends up using, you can expect a lighter and easier to hold iPad later this month.

SW-Box says the new part is 0.59 inch narrower than its predecessor and also slightly shorter. SW-Box also measured the thickness of the part and found it is 0.28 inches thick, meaning it'll be thinner than its predecessor.

Apple could not be reached for comment.


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