Imgur creates its own meme generator

Imgur, the popular photo-hosting website, has made it easier for users to create and share their own memes by launching its own meme generator.

The photo website has become a favorite in recent years with users of Reddit, who head to Imgur to upload photos that they can then link to on Reddit.

Users often turn to Imgur to upload memes they have created on other websites or through software such as Photoshop. But by launching its own meme generator Thursday, Imgur is making it easier and faster for users to make their own memes and post them on the site.

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To create memes, users can head to There, they will see memes other users have created that day, which can be clicked on to be modified. Users can also click on "Select a default meme" to pull up a list of popular memes that they can choose from to begin creating their own meme. They can also upload their own photo.

Once users select the picture they want, they are taken to another page where they can edit the text they want to show up on the image. After that's done, users can click "make this meme" to create the image.

On the next page, users can easily share the picture to a variety of social networks, download it or grab links or codes to share on Reddit, message boards and other websites.

"Brace yourself. Meme creation is now possible on Imgur!" the website said on its blog announcing the new feature.


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