Apple iPhone 5s users scanning more than their fingerprints [Video]

Put down your friend's iPhone 5s. You have no idea what's been touching it.

The latest Apple iPhone went on sale Friday and one of its signature highlights is a new fingerprint scanner built into the home button at the bottom of the device.

The feature, called Touch ID, lets users quickly unlock their device while keeping others out. It can also be used to verify purchases.

VIDEO CHAT: Unboxing the iPhone 5s

But some Apple users are very strange and creative, and have quickly taken to YouTube and Twitter to confirm that users can scan and unlock the iPhone 5s using more than just fingerprints.

IPhone 5s owners are scanning their noses, toes and various other body parts. And don't ask, because you already know which ones.

"Technically, your toes and your fingers are part of your limbs, so they should work the same way because they both have the epidermal ridges," YouTube user random88ish said in a video that can be seen above before scanning his toe with the iPhone 5s.

But Apple fans aren't limiting the Touch ID feature to just humans. Some users are also scanning cat and dog paws to unlock their device.

So before you ask your friend if you can borrow their iPhone 5s to make a quick call, think twice about what that device may have been scanning.


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