5. Truly customizable smartphones

Motorola toyed with the idea of customizable smartphones when it released the Moto X this summer, but users were limited to customizing the device's aesthetics. Next, users should be able to customize everything from the color of the device to the processor and the battery. Fortunately, this fall a Dutch designer created Phonebloks, a concept smartphone built of modular parts, similar to Lego building blocks. The idea of Phonebloks quickly took off with consumers and a movement to make customizable phones a real thing began. The movement gained momentum when Motorola joined in by announcing Project Ara, shown here, a hardware platform that would allow users to essentially pick and choose the parts of their smartphone. Consumers have shown that they want customizable smartphones, but 2014 might not be enough time for Motorola to develop Project Ara. At the very least, we want the successor to the Moto X to be much more customizable.
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