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Would you pay $38 for a club sandwich from hotel room service?

Order a club sandwich from hotel room service in Denver and you will spend an average of nearly $12. Order that same sandwich in Los Angeles and you will be out about $17.

That was one of the findings in a study by the travel website TripAdvisor, in an attempt to find out which cities have the highest costs for in-room hotel extras.

To conduct the study, the website collected prices for a club sandwich, the dry cleaning of one shirt and several mini-bar accessories from hotels in 62 cities, including 15 in the U.S.

Las Vegas was found to have the priciest in-room amenities, at an average of $68. Denver was the least expensive at $41. Los Angeles ranked the fourth most expensive city at nearly $61.

The most expensive international city was Helsinki, Finland, where the average hotel amenities bill came to nearly $89 — that includes $20 to dry clean a shirt and a whopping $38 for a club sandwich.


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