Gals like guys in pickups, guys like gals in sports cars, survey finds

Attention single guys: do not buy that mail truck.

Aside from wonky steering wheel placement and the mistrust of dogs everywhere, no vehicle on the road today is less likely to be driven by an attractive man than a mail truck, according to a recent survey by

The online survey polled 2,000 licensed drivers 18 and older, and asked them the reality show-caliber question: What qualities in a vehicle were most likely to be driven by attractive members of the opposite sex?

Based on the results, guys hoping to be found attractive by women should consider buying a black Ford pickup truck.

Thirty-two percent of female respondents said attractive guys drive a truck, the highest among any type of vehicle. It’s followed by sports cars (27%), SUVs (16%), sedans (11%), and hybrids or electric vehicles (9%).

Less than1% of women said attractive guys drive mail trucks (that it was even an option is surprising enough). And that’s only slightly worse than minivans, which only 2% of women said attractive guys drive.

Black was the overwhelming color choice (53%) among women rating men. Silver and red were distant runners up at 16% and 13%, respectively. Ford ranked the top among brands at 16%, with Chevrolet (13%), and Porsche (11%) finishing out the podium.

Ladies, the almost-academic study didn’t neglect you. Buy a red BMW sports car if you’re really looking to reel in the dates.

Thirty-nine percent of guys said attractive women drive sports cars. Sedans were second (22%) and SUVs were third (20%). Minivans were the kryptonite for women seeking men, ranking the lowest on the attractiveness scale with 4%.

Guys like women in pricey cars, the survey found. Attractive women are most likely to drive BMWs (16%), Mercedes-Benzes (14%), and Porsches (10%). Turning to color, it was overwhelmingly red (40%), followed by black and silver.

Once you’ve picked up that black truck or red two-seater, be sure to keep it clean and hope it’s reliable. Those were the two qualities both men and women found most important by a wide margin, regardless of make or model.

Auto turnoffs? Nothing you should need to tell you: cigarette butts, trash in the seats, playing bad music loudly, political bumper stickers, loud exhaust, and car dents were all ranked as no-nos when trying to be attractive.

So if you do have a mail truck, at least clean off the seats before that big date this weekend.

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