'American Horror Story' estate for sale

An L.A. landmark steeped in Hollywood horror has returned to the market

Returning to the Multiple Listing Service in haunting fashion is the Alfred F. Rosenheim estate, a Los Angeles historic-cultural monument with a pedigree steeped in Hollywood horror.

Listed for sale at $5 million, the landmark property gained notoriety on the FX series “American Horror Story,” where it served as the setting for the show’s first season. However, its legend in film and television history, which dates back nearly a century, hasn’t always been so sinister.

With its gothic design and a floor plan designed for entertaining on a grand scale, the Rosenheim estate has long attracted the eye of Hollywood producers. Of its film credits, the landmark home’s filmography includes 1950’s Frank Sinatra film “Old Blue Eyes,” “Spider-Man” (2002) and “Seabiscuit” (2003). “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “Dexter,” “Miami Vice” and “The X-Files” are among its television credits.

Built by St. Louis architect Alfred F. Rosenheim in 1908, the Tudor-style estate features ornate wood finishes, Tiffany stained-glass windows, hand-painted ceilings and period light fixtures. Its 7,588-square-foot floor plan spans three floors and includes six bedrooms, a solarium, and a converted chapel containing a recording studio and car collection. A basement area, which featured prominently in “American Horror Story,” holds a hidden room.

Joe Babajian of Rodeo Realty is the listing agent.


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