'Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman' | 1993-1998

White hat: Dr. Michaela "Mike" Quinn, played by Jane Seymour, leaves Boston in 1867 and heads West to set up her own practice, landing in Colorado Springs. There, she finds companionship in Byron Sully, played by Joe Lando, adopts three orphaned children as her own and saves countless lives on the frontier while proving to naysayers that a woman can practice medicine. Black hat: This western drama featured no single black hat, but rather a series of challenges, usually in the form of disease or ignorance. Dr. Mike fights a flu epidemic and typhus infections, but her biggest adversary is perhaps the unwillingness of her Colorado Springs neighbors to accept a woman's expertise or advice. Pictured above: Jane Seymour and Joe Lando reprise their roles for the TV production "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: The Movie."
Spike Nannarello / CBS
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