'Survivor' renewed for two more cycles

The world is getting to be a crowded place, but there are still enough remote locations to fuel interest in "Survivor," CBS' long-running reality series that just got picked up for its 29th and 30th editions.

Host and executive producer Jeff Probst has also signed a deal to return for the new cycles, which will take the longest running reality competition show on TV into 2015.

The series launched in 2000 and has since aired 413 episodes with 406 competitors.

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Though the show was once a ratings powerhouse, with more than 51 million viewers tuning into the first season finale in August 2000, it has since settled down to become the second-highest rated reality series on broadcast TV in the 18-49 age group.

The series was based on the Swedish TV show "Expedition Robinson." At a Los Angeles Times-hosted panel of reality show hosts in June, Probst said, "The star of 'Survivor' is the format. It works. It works all over the world."

The finale of the current edition of "Survivor," titled "Blood vs. Water" will air Sunday.


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