SundanceTV renews 'Rectify' for third season

'Rectify' has been renewed for a third season on SundanceTV

SundanceTV's critically acclaimed series "Rectify" will be back for a third season. The channel announced the show's renewal on Tuesday, just a few days before its second season finale airs.

"Rectify" stars Aden Young as a man who was on death row for the rape and murder of his childhood sweetheart. But when new DNA evidence calls into question his original conviction, he is released from prison. He returns to his hometown, causing turmoil in the lives of the people he left behind there.

The series was created by actor and director Ray McKinnon. It's Sundance's first original scripted series.

The series has been noted for its slow pacing, but has earned heaps of critical praise. Los Angeles Times TV critic Mary McNamara called the series "television as prose poem."

The languid pacing may not help the series become a hit of "Game of Thrones" proportions, but it has firmly established itself on the list of shows high-brow TV viewers are always urging their friends to watch.

The six-episode first season was followed by a 10-episode second season. The number of episodes for the third season is still being determined, but they will air in 2015.

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