Watch NBC's new drama trailers: 'Blacklist,' 'Ironside,' 'Dracula'

NBC is adding three new dramas to its 2013-14 lineup: "The Blacklist," "Ironside" and "Dracula."

"The Blacklist," which will air at 10 p.m. Mondays, stars James Spader, formerly of "Boston Legal," "The Practice" and "The Office." The show is a crime drama and was one of the highest-testing pilots for any network this year.

"Ironside" will air at 10 p.m. Wednesdays and stars another established actor, Blair Underwood. It's a remake of a 1970s detective drama, but there are murmurs that the fact that Underwood is 48 years old might make the show skew older, which isn't as appealing to advertisers.

VIDEO: New fall TV shows

Finally, Friday's 10 p.m. slot will be filled by "Dracula," starring Jonathan Rhys Myers of "The Tudors" as Bram Stoker's suave bloodsucking monster.

NBC planned much of its strategy around the Winter Olympics, which will air on the network in January and help promote mid-season shows.

Trailer: "The Blacklist"

Trailer: "Ironside"

Trailer: "Dracula"


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