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Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor)

How we met Ted: In the first episode we meet the voice of future Ted (Bob Saget) in 2030 when he sits down his son and daughter to tell them the story of how he met their mother. Flash back to 2005, and this hopeless romantic first falls for Robin Scherbatsky at MacLaren's Pub, steals a blue French horn for her and subsequently has his heart broken over and over. Ted is Marshall's college roommate and best friend (much to Barney's chagrin) and he's Lily's longtime friend. Ted started out as an architect, then became a professor after designing the Goliath National Bank skyscraper. His children's names are Penny (after "lucky penny") and Luke (a direct homage to his love of "Star Wars"). Ted also goes by: Teddy Westside, T-Dog, Schmosby, Doctor X, Jed Mosley, Galactic President Superstar McAwesomeville, "a bit of a detective." Quotable catchphrases: As Future Ted: "Kids, ..."; "fun fact"; As Jed Mosley: "No Can Dosville, babydoll!" How he met the mother: After nine long seasons of dating and waiting, we don't learn how Ted actually meets the mother until the series finale in 2014 when the pair finally meet in person at the Farhampton train station. Fun facts: Even Josh Radnor didn't believe that Ted could pull off those recurring red cowboy boots. Scott Foley of "Felicity" and "Scandal" was originally eyed for the role of Ted.
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