'Breaking Bad': Emmy-night episode busts another ratings record

It wasn't enough for "Breaking Bad" to win the Emmy as best drama on Sunday. It had to go and set another ratings record too. 

AMC's drama about a dying chemistry teacher who turns to the drug trade delivered a series-best 6.6 million total viewers with its next-to-last episode, according to Nielsen. 

This despite intense competition that included the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards on CBS, a Chicago Bears-Pittsburgh Steelers game on NBC and the series finale of "Dexter" on Showtime. 

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Sunday's episode broke the record that "Breaking Bad" set for itself the previous week, with an episode that drew 6.4 million. 

"Breaking Bad" is set to air its series finale on Sunday. Given the attention the show has received this year -- not to mention that Emmy -- it's possible the ratings could stretch higher than 7 million. 

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