Sissy Spacek: Career in pictures

2000-05: Spacek returned to the awards race once again with the 2001 drama "In the Bedroom." A festival favorite at Sundance, the film tells the story of parents ( Tom Wilkinson and Spacek) emotionally drained and distraught when their son ( Nick Stahl) is murdered. Spacek's character Ruth, who tried to stop her son from having an affair with an older woman whose husband later killed him, becomes withdrawn and depressed as the film goes on. Spacek’s work on "In the Bedroom" earned her a sixth actress nod. A mix of roles followed, including the fountain of youth flick "Tuck Everlasting," the Showtime miniseries "Last Call" about F. Scott Fitzgerald (she earned an Emmy nod for playing his wife), a scream queen cameo in "Ring 2" and a deeply moving supporting role in "North Country" as the mother of a female miner fighting sexual harassment in the workplace. Pictured: Spacek in the film "In the Bedroom."
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