Patrick House

Bio: 28, unemployed salesman for a food distributor, from Vicksburg, Miss. Height and weight: 6-foot-2 and 415 pounds. "If you want to play the offensive line, you're going to need to get bigger." That's what coaches told Patrick when he arrived at Delta State University. And so he gained weight. But then he was sidelined by a back injury requiring surgery. He stopped playing football and stopped all that training, but continued eating. And the weight piled on. Currently unemployed, Patrick says that being an overweight salesman does not send a message of confidence to potential clients and employers. He said he needs to lose the weight so he can return to doing what he needs to do to support his family. " Mississippi is the fattest state in America. And America is the fattest country in the world. That makes us the biggest people in the world." He said he wants to pay it forward by raising awareness about obesity and "sharing the weath" of everything that he learned at The Biggest Loser Ranch. Patrick also dreams of visiting his brother, who lives in the Cayman Islands, and going into the water without his shirt on.
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