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Watch U2's 'Invisible (RED) Edit Version' video

U2 has unveiled the video for its new single “Invisible,” a stylized concert performance directed by Mark Romanek that zeroes in on the sense of community that’s long been a cornerstone of the band’s appeal.

Reviewing the Dangermouse-produced single recently, Times pop music critic Randall Roberts described it as “a prime U2 jam, a snagged-from-the-ether track so logical as to feel somehow fated to exist.” It's the first offering from the new album due later this year.

Romanek’s video creates a vintage/classic look for the band with a black-and-white rendering of its performance, opening with a close-up of Bono’s microphone mounted inside a neon-lit circular frame.

A keyboard-driven pulsing groove is established as Bono moves out along a catwalk that extends deep into the crowd, and the sing-along hook kicks in even before the first verse.

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The message is vintage U2, established with the starting point of a romantic breakup that opens the door to self-examination and, soon, transcendent self-understanding: “I’m more than you know/I’m more than you see here” and then the lyric clincher: “There is no them/There’s only us,” a mantra Bono leads the crowd in singing with him, and then on their own.

Here’s the “Invisible (RED) Edit Version” video:


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